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Desert Night

Desert Night

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Ceva simplu,rapid si foarte gustos... Perfect pentru o seara romantica in 2
Sotul meu avand pofta de ceva dulce am zis sa ii fac un desert... Este o reteta proprie dar zic ca merita

  • 2 mere mari
  • 150 ml suc de la 2 portocale
  • 1 lingura zahar
  • O inghetata vanilie 100 g
  • 20 g ciocolata pentru decor

Portii: 2

Timp de preparare: sub 15 minute


Curatam merele de coaja si le tocam cubulete mici

Le punem intr.o tigaie in care adaugam suc de la ce 2 portocale

Lasam sa fiarba 10 min

Oprim focul si direct din tigaie punem merele in cupe peste care adaugam inghetata ...

Ornam cu ciocolata...

Mmm Pofta buna!

God Provides in Our Darkest Moments

In the desert, the Israelites had run low on provisions (Numbers 11:5). It gets to the point where the Israelites pine after the “good ole days” of their slavery in Egypt, where they didn’t have to worry about starvation.

They get so hungry that they think hundreds of years doing hard slave labor in Egypt sounds like paradise.

God, seeing their need for food, provides them with a substance known as manna. A heavenly bread of sorts that means “what is it?” He also gives them protein via quail and provides these bread and birds from heaven daily until they enter the Promised Land.

God understood that the desert was a temporary limbo for the Israelites. They wouldn’t stay there forever but would enter the Promised Land decades later. Nevertheless, he meets their needs, nonetheless.

From this, we can learn that God meets us in limbo. We might be waiting on a job or living from paycheck to paycheck, but God provides for us in the desert and in the Promised Land.

He doesn’t leave or forsake us in our greatest hour of need.

Coastal desert

These deserts occur in moderately cool to warm areas such as the Nearctic and Neotropical realm. A good example is the Atacama of Chile.

The cool winters of coastal deserts are followed by moderately long, warm summers. The average summer temperature ranges from 13-24° C winter temperatures are 5° C or below. The maximum annual temperature is about 35° C and the minimum is about -4° C. In Chile, the temperature ranges from -2 to 5° C in July and 21-25° C in January.

The average rainfall measures 8-13 cm in many areas. The maximum annual precipitation over a long period of years has been 37 cm with a minimum of 5 cm.

The soil is fine-textured with a moderate salt content. It is fairly porous with good drainage. Some plants have extensive root systems close to the surface where they can take advantage of any rain showers. All of the plants with thick and fleshy leaves or stems can take in large quantities of water when it is available and store it for future use. In some plants, the surfaces are corrugated with longitudinal ridges and grooves. When water is available, the stem swells so that the grooves are shallow and the ridges far apart. As the water is used, the stem shrinks so that the grooves are deep and ridges close together. The plants living in this type of desert include the salt bush, buckwheat bush, black bush, rice grass, little leaf horsebrush, black sage, and chrysothamnus.

Some animals have specialized adaptations for dealing with the desert heat and lack of water. Some toads seal themselves in burrows with gelatinous secretions and remain inactive for eight or nine months until a heavy rain occurs. Amphibians that pass through larval stages have accelerated life cycles, which improves their chances of reaching maturity before the waters evaporate. Some insects lay eggs that remain dormant until the environmental conditions are suitable for hatching. The fairy shrimps also lay dormant eggs. Other animals include: insects, mammals (coyote and badger), amphibians (toads), birds (great horned owl, golden eagle and the bald eagle), and reptiles (lizards and snakes).

Owls may have inherited their night-hunting abilities from dinosaurs

May 6 (UPI) -- New research suggests a small bird-like dinosaur's exacting night vision and owl-like hearing allowed it to track down prey in the black of night.

Nocturnal hunting is relatively rare among predators, as it requires specialized sensory abilities -- many of the best night-hunters are birds, including owls, nightjars, nighthawks and more.

Because modern birds are the closest living relatives of the dinosaurs, scientists have previously surmised that the night-hunting capabilities of owls and other nocturnal birds might be inherited from their theropod ancestors.

To investigate the possibility, scientists used detailed CT scans to compare the anatomical features of the eyes and inner ears of nearly 100 living bird and extinct dinosaur species.

They shared the results of the analysis in a new paper, published Thursday in the journal Science.

In the ears, researchers compared the length of the lagena, the duct responsible for receiving incoming sound information. Among birds, the barn owl, one of the most adept predators of the night, boasts the longest lagena relative to body size.

In the eyes, researchers focused on the size of the scleral ring, the bone or series of bones that surround the pupil and support the eyeball.

Larger scleral rings correspond with larger pupils. The wider a pupil can open, the more light it can let in. Animals with especially wide pupils can see better in the black of night.

The survey of dinosaur fossils showed Tyrannosaurus and Dromaeosaurus enjoyed powerful hearing, however, the shape and size of their eyes suggested the vision of carnivorous theropods was best suited for daytime.

However, researchers found the lagena and scleral ring of a small theropod named Shuvuuia, member of a group of long-legged dinosaurs called alvarezsaurs, were most similar to those of the barn owl.

"As I was digitally reconstructing the Shuvuuia skull, I couldn't believe the lagena size . I called Prof. Choiniere to have a look," joint first author James Neenan said in a news release.

"We both thought it might be a mistake, so I processed the other ear -- only then did we realize what a cool discovery we had on our hands!" said Neenan, a researcher with the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I got there -- dinosaur ears weren't supposed to look like that!" said first author Jonah Choiniere, a professor of comparative palaeobiology at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Shuvuuia populated the Mongolian desert during the Cretaceous Period. The chicken-sized theropod featured a slender head, short feathers, stubby arms and long, roadrunner-like legs that were optimized for digging.

Scientists suspect Shuvuuia rooted out small mammals and insects from their burrows before chasing them down in the black of night.

"Nocturnal activity, digging ability, and long hind limbs are all features of animals that live in deserts today," said Choiniere, "but it's surprising to see them all combined in a single dinosaur species that lived more than 65 million years ago."

Douăzeci de mâncăruri de desert britanice cu nume ciudate

Există o mulțime într-un nume, dar numele ciudat de sondare pentru alimentele de desert britanic tind să fie excepția de la regula. De obicei, numele de alimente sună atrăgătoare sau creează un sentiment de anticipare, cum ar fi plăcinta de mere, burete de trandafiri și tort de fructe bogat . Dar felurile de mâncare britanice necesită adesea să ghiciți ce este alimentele. De exemplu, știi ce înseamnă "Singin 'Hinny"? Ce zici de prăjiturile laver? Ambele sunt, de fapt, destul de delicioase, dar numele lor nu reflectă în mod necesar acest lucru.

Multe dintre aceste nume ciudate și minunate pentru alimentele britanice au fost predate de-a lungul secolelor. Unele provin din dialectele locale, în timp ce altele sunt doar imaginative. Cu această listă, obțineți faptele despre unele dintre cele mai ciudate sunete, pudding și biscuiți din Regatul Unit.

Spotted Dick

Numele acestei budinci englezești clasice are de obicei un zâmbet sau un aspect de groază, de aceea unii oameni preferă numele alternativ al vasului, "Pudding Dog Dog Spotted". Partea reperată a denumirii se referă, probabil, la stafide și coacăze din aluat. Cuvântul "dick" este un cuvânt colocvial pentru budinca provenind de la "puddick" sau "puddog".


Aceste prăjituri delicioase și dulci sunt o încântare. Hinney este modul în care "miere" este pronunțată în nord-estul Angliei. Este, de asemenea, un termen de îndrăzneală pentru femei și copii. Partea cântândă a numelui descrie felul în care prăjiturile sunt gătite într-o tigaie caldă. Pe măsură ce ajung în tigaie, untul și sîrna încep să sibilizeze și să cânte.

Barm Brack

B rack este unul dintre cele mai faimoase produse de panificatie din Irlanda. Numele provine de la "breac", care înseamnă că este scris și se referă la fructele din pâine. Brack este mâncat în mod tradițional la Halloween, dar este prea delicios de salvat doar o dată pe an. Mănâncă-l la ora ceaiului sau ca parte a sărbătorilor de ziua ta de la Sf. Patrick.


Acest dulce nu se referă la un dispozitiv electric pe care îl puteți scrie, așa cum sugerează și numele său. În schimb, este o bomboană scoțiană, asemănătoare cu cea a fudge. Tableta scoțiană conține zahăr, unt și lapte condensat și este foarte ușor de făcut.


Cranachan nu este deloc ciudat , dar este similar. Acesta este un desert scoțian adesea servit la festivități cum ar fi Crăciunul sau Burns Night. Budinca conține zmeură, ovaz, smântână, miere și o băutură de whisky scoțian.


Parkin este forma de turtă dulce în engleză, distinsă de locul și modul în care este făcută. Cea mai cunoscută este Yorkshire Parkin, care în mod tradițional este mâncată pe 5 noiembrie, cunoscută sub numele de Bonfire Night . Evenimentul celebrează eșecul faimos al lui Guy Fawkes din Yorkshire de a arunca în aer Casele Parlamentului în 1605.

Bara Brith

Nici un ceai de după-amiază din Welsh nu ar fi completat fără această pâine delicioasă de ceai de fructe. Bara Brith înseamnă literalmente pâine pătată.

Bea cot la cot

Un hobnob este un biscuit (cookie) care a fost votat, de asemenea, printre primele zece biscuiți preferați din Marea Britanie. Ele sunt făcute în mod comercial, dar făcându-ți propriul este atât de distractiv și produce un biscuiți inimii.

Eccles Cake

Prima dată făcută în Anglia de Nord-Vest, în 1793, tortul eccles este o patiserie mică, plină cu fructe uscate și condimente.

Eton Mess

Eton mizeria este un amestec de căpșuni, meringue și smântână tradițional servit la Eton College. Nu este clar cum a obținut primul nume. Potrivit unei povesti, un câine Labrador se așeză într-un coș de picnic în spatele unei mașini și scutură un desert de căpșuni și meringue.


Crempog sunt clatite de tip welsh. Ele sunt diferite de clădirea tradițională britanică mâncată în Ziua Pancake. Crempog sunt mai groase, ușor înălțate și gătite pe o tavă - nu spre deosebire de clatite americane. Ele sunt rapide și ușor de făcut. Le puteți mânca la ora ceaiului sau la micul dejun.

Fat Rascals

Un rascal de grăsime este o pată destul de obositoare, făcută faimoasă de camerele de cafea Bettys din Harrogate. Rețeta este un secret bine păzit. Cu toate acestea, există versiuni găsite în toată Anglia.

Tortul Hevva

Tortul Cornilor din Hevva este adăpostit în tradiția pescuitului pescar în județ. Este un tort plat gros, plat, format din untură, margarină și făină. Este umplut cu zahăr și coacăze.

Omul mortului

Pumnul omului mort (cunoscut și sub numele de brațul lui Dead Man sau Jam Roly Poly) este forma și textura rolei de suflare în formă de jurnal. Prin urmare, este comparat cu membrele mortului.

Huffkin Huffkins

Huffkin Huffkins sunt, de asemenea, cunoscute sub numele de Kentish Huffkin, unde acest bun de pâine este de la. Bunul diferă de un ceai tradițional sau de pâine, deoarece are puțină îngrășăminte în amestec. Produsul de pâine poate fi mâncat cu carne sau cu fructe, cum ar fi cireșele Kent.

Black Bun

Black Bun este un tratat scoțian tradițional consumat la Hogmanay (Revelion). Este un vas dens, bogat, din fructe uscate, învelite în produse de patiserie. Umplutura pare aproape negru de aici numele.

Dorset Knobs

Butoanele Dorset sunt chifle uscate, cu puțină adaos de zahăr și unt. În mod tradițional, butonul Dorset este mâncat cu brânză.

Ecclefechan Tart

Tartul Ecclefechan este un tort dulce uscat, plin de fructe. Numele provine din satul Ecclefechan din regiunea Dumfries și Galloway din sudul Scoției. Tart este, de asemenea, cunoscut sub numele de tort de frontieră, care este minunat, dar nu la fel de minunat ca Ecclefechan.

Puddingul din Pondul Sussex

Pudingul din iazul Sussex este o budincă de patiserie făcută cu lămâie, unt și zahăr. Budinca este apoi aburit pentru câteva ore, ceea ce creează o piscină minunată de sos de lemony gros, atunci când tăiate.

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Desert Breeze Recreation Center offering drive-in movie night

Clark County Parks & Recreation along with TruVision Cinema will offer a drive-in movie with the showing of "Onward" on May 7.

Admission is $5 per car and tickets can be purchased in advance on Eventbrite.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Space is based on availability and is first come, first served. The movie will begin screening at 8 p.m. Parking spots are limited to every other space to maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

Chairs are allowed but must be within the vehicle’s designated area.

One food truck will be onsite.

People are also reminded to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently avoid large gatherings, wear a mask, stay home when sick, and stay at least six feet away from others when out in public to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. Those who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to leave.

For more information about the Mobile Drive-in Movie Series, please contact Special Events, Brian Saliba at (702) 455-8838 or visit Clark County Parks and Recreation’s website.

Bruneta a declarat în repetate rânduri că nu își dorește să îmbrace vreodată rochia de mireasă. Mai de mult, în cadrul emisiunii Xtra Night Show, Daniela Crudu a recunoscut că avea planuri de măritiș cu iubitul croat bătăuș.

Însă după episodul violent de care a avut parte, a revenit la vechea idee. „Nu mai am chef să mă mărit, mi s-a luat. Am vrut, că am avut și o relație cu un an jumate cu un croat. Am stat eu cu un băiat care nu era român. Am vrut eu ceva mai serios și după aia nu s-a mai întâmplat. Nu mai vreau, vreau să-mi trăiesc viața”, a transmis Daniela Crudu pe Facebook.

City of Palm Desert and DSUSD hosting Graduation Cruise Night on El Paseo

The City of Palm Desert and the Desert Sands Unified School District are hosting a cruise night for all 2021 high school graduates in the area.

The cruise night will take place Tuesday, June 1 at 7 p.m. on El Paseo.

Last year the same event was hosted due to social distancing requirements, but now the City says it will be a new Palm Desert tradition.

“This school year offered just as many challenges as the past year, and it’s time to let our students celebrate their achievements along with classmates and friends,” said organizers.

Participants are encouraged to wear their caps and gowns, make celebratory signs, and decorate their cars for this informal parade.

The event is free and family-friendly.

Classic cars and hot rods from El Paseo Cruise Night will also join in the cruise and festivities.

Organizers say all are welcome at this event and spectators are encouraged to support the graduates by cheering them on safely from the sidewalk or the vantage point of an outdoor dining deck overlooking El Paseo.

Cruisers must remain safely inside their vehicles, and observe all traffic signs, signals and rules of the road.

10 of the most breathtaking night skies on Earth

Earlier this month the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) observatory in the Elqui Valley of northern Chile&rsquos Andean mountains was designated the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), a non-profit organisation based in Tuscon, Arizona in the US.

The night sky has inspired our art and literature since early civilisation. Being cut off from that source by light pollution is to be deprived of something essential to our humanity

Dark skies are increasingly rare: as the human population becomes more and more urbanised, man-made lights obscure our view of the stars and other celestial features.

&ldquoAbout two thirds of human population today live under light polluted skies, not dark enough to see the Milky Way,&rdquo says Babak Tafreshi, director of The World at Night (TWAN), an international organisation that curates and exhibits astrophotographs.

&ldquoMost city skies today are virtually empty of stars. Watching the spectacular arch of the Milky Way rising over the horizon sounds like a scene of science fiction to many kids and young people raised in urban areas.&rdquo

Dr John Barentine, program manager at the IDA adds: &ldquoThe night sky has inspired our art and literature since early civilisation. Being cut off from that source by light pollution is to be deprived of something essential to our humanity.&rdquo

And some experts point out light pollution can disrupt the navigational ability of animals including turtles, fish and butterflies.

The best views of stars and other celestial features require a sky that is both dark and clear.

This usually means remoteness from artificial lights and good weather, although natural light can at times obscure a view of the stars: &ldquoYou won&rsquot see many stars in a clear full moon night, nor in a summer night of high latitude regions where the polar twilight prevents total darkness,&rdquo explains Tafreshi.

Barentine says that arid environments offer some of the best dark and clear skies, but adds: &ldquoPeople shouldn&rsquot overlook the skies wherever they happen to live. On any clear night there&rsquos much to see in the night sky, even for city-dwellers.&rdquo

Some of the world&rsquos most astonishing night skies are over places that are very remote and hard to reach, while other sites are astrotourism hotspots encompassing national parks and observatories.

Here are 10 of the best places on Earth for a view of the night sky at its most magnificent.

1. The Sahara

Stretching for 3,500,000 sq miles (9,000,000 sq km) &ndash equating 10% of the African continent &ndash the Sahara is the world&rsquos largest hot desert. This extreme, hot and dry environment and the remoteness from civilisation of the desert&rsquos interior make for some of the most spectacular views of the stars on Earth.

Namibia is home to a growing industry in astrotourism, with the Namib Desert's extremely dry weather and pristine skies perfect for the activity. The desert, one of the world&rsquos oldest and largest, features a number of &ldquotelescope farms&rdquo, says Tafreshi. &ldquoThe landscape is ideal for stargazing. Looking around you can see a 360-degree panorama of the horizon.&rdquo

3. The Empty Quarter, Arabian Peninsula

The Empty Quarter in the south-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula is one of the largest continuous deserts in the world, covering an area of about 250,000 sq miles (650,000 sq km). As its name suggest, the desert is almost empty of people.

4. Atacama Desert, Chile

Pristine night skies hang above most areas of the Atacama Desert, says Tafreshi. The world&rsquos most arid desert, located in Chile and small parts of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, is also home to several astronomical observatories. &ldquoAtacama beats many other dark sky places by being high and dry and clear for so many nights per year. Walking on the desert between the scattered rocks and boulders on the pale red dust feels like being on Mars but under the Earth sky.&rdquo

5. La Palma, Canary Islands

The volcanic island of La Palma Island, part of Spain&rsquos Canary Islands archipelago is a popular destination with astrotourists for its astonishingly clear skies. In 2002 the entire island was named a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Biosphere Reserve.

6. Himalayas

The &ldquocrystal clear skies of high hiking treks and Himalayan villages&rdquo are among the world&rsquos best, according to Tafreshi. The Himalayan mountain range in Asia is the world&rsquos highest, and includes Mount Everest, which at over 29,035ft (8,850m) above sea level is the tallest mountain on Earth.

7. Volcanoes of Hawaii

Hawaii&rsquos high volcanoes are home to several well-known observatories. The volcanoes Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, both more than 4,000m above sea level, are among the island&rsquos volcanoes most famous for their views of starry skies.

8. Western Australia

Photographs of the west of Australia&rsquos Outback taken by satellite reveal just how dark the region is, says Tafreshi. &ldquoThe many National Parks in the area are favourite places for stargazing,&rdquo he says. &ldquoThe southern hemisphere sky is even more eye-catching than the northern view due to the Milky Way bright central area rising overhead."

&ldquoThe last remaining natural night sky in Western Europe is in the Alps,&rdquo says Tafreshi. This is due to low population, preserved areas and the mountain range&rsquos high altitude. &ldquoOne of my favourites has been Tyrol region in Austria [where it&rsquos] easy to see the pristine night sky.&rdquo

10. Wyoming, US

&ldquoThere are many wonderfully dark places here in the American West, which is where I&rsquom originally from,&rdquo says Barentine.

&ldquoMany of these sites are parks and similarly protected areas such as nature preserves. National parks in the US and elsewhere are often fantastic places to experience authentically dark night skies, since they tend to be relatively far from cities and relatively undeveloped in terms of installations of artificial lighting.&rdquo

Sparsely populated Wyoming, home to Yellowstone National Park, is one such state known for offering stunning views of night skies.

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